The guest house is located 35 km from Riga. The neighbouring Jūrmala beach is the largest beach resort in the Baltic States. The Sloka Football Stadium is just 1 km away. the Sloka railway station is 2 km away, win turn, Majori centre is located 15 km away from the guest house Hapi.

About the accommodation

The street where our hotel is situated “Raiņa Street” – named after the pen-name of our outstanding Latvian poet Rainis, while earlier it was known as Jūras (Sea) street, and it is the oldest way from the sea to the river.

The house has

a kids’ playroom, kids and adults clothing and shoe store, translation agency, a sushi bar, a shooting club, Russian baths, manicure, pedicure.

About surroundings of the accommodation

Kauguri market

since catering is not available at our hotel except for Sushi bar or pizza delivered to the rooms at orders, then the local market offers the largest variety of seasonal fruits, berries, vegetables and a wide choice of health and rural tasty foods in Jūrmala.

Health route

Kauguri has a Health route in the dunes of the town, which begins 300 meters from our hotel – length of the route is two kilometres and at every certain distance it offers a complex of exercise with visible description thereof, which supplement the walking with simple, but valuable sports activities!

Kauguri Culture House

the former cinema – is 3min walk apart, here are educational activities, concerts, exhibitions and cinema arranged for Jūrmala’s inhabitants. Here are many different hobby clubs for children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Raiņa Street

:lv]brīnišķiga vēsturiska, bruģēta iela 2.4 km garumā, kura sākās pie mūsu viesnīcas un stiepjas līdz pašai gala stacijai SLOKA, kurā viesi var iesēsties vilcienā ekskursijai uz galvaspilsētu Rīgu vai Jūrmalas centru MAJORIEM.

is a 2.4 km long, beautiful historic, paved street, which starts at our hotel and stretches as far as the last station SLOKA, where guests can sit on the train to take a tour to the capital – Riga or centre of Jūrmala – MAJORI.

Why families enjoy our accommodation?

Kauguri seaside

At the Kauguri beach that is only 10min walk part, there is a series of children’s playgrounds and street gymnastics structures for children and teenagers of different ages.There is a well-maintained swimming area at the beach, which also has beach cafes, showers, changing cabins and rescue station. Kauguri beach is suitable for people with disabilities – there are swimming chairs available for swimming in the sea, special rest chairs, and specially equipped showers and other special equipment.

Pencil park

15min walk apart there is the favourite entertainment place for children and teenagers from 2.5 to 16 years old – “Pencil park” – there the pencils structures are six and seven meters long and only by 91 centimetres shorter than the longest pencil in the world. Central structure of the playground is unique and has no analogue elsewhere in Latvia and the world.

Bicycle path

The built along our hotel cycling and roller track extends for 10km. It provides a great opportunity to rent bikes and go on for a ride for a whole family to look at the local surrounding.